Home repairs and odd jobs

For over 200 years Hopeful has been serving Northern Kentucky families. Our team is equipped to assist with odd jobs around your home or some home repairs. We cannot take on every job but we will do our best to help.

Use the form below to apply for home repair or an odd job around your home. Someone will follow up with by phone to learn more and make an assessment of how we can help.

What can you expect?
  • Someone will contact you to learn more about your request
  • One of our experts will assess the request and determine if we are able to help
  • If you are selected, our team will schedule time with you to come to your home
  • Before we arrive our team will pray for you and your family
  • While we are there we will complete the job, clean up the site, and ask if you would like us to pray before we leave

apply for home repair or odd jobs