Our cemetery

Our cemetery was founded in 1868 and is located on 11 acres adjacent to our church. We can work with you, your family, and your funeral home for pre-planning services and burial options.

Our cemetery is well maintained with the care that every family deserves. Many people enjoy taking a walk through our cemetery to pay their respects to revolutionary war veterans, civil war veterans, and others who are buried here.

If you are a family member of someone buried in our cemetery please register to receive updates about our cemetery.


Decorations Permitted at Any Time
Cut flowers are permitted at any time. Disposable containers are recommended so that cemetery personnel can discard them when the arrangements become unsightly. Solar lights and memorial candles are allowed all year, but they must be placed at the end of the monument and next to the base. Veteran’s flags and flag holders are permitted at any time.

Items Not Permitted
The following items are not permitted on grave sites: cement, plaster, or plastic statuary, plaques, stuffed animals, toys, wind chimes, wind socks, flags (other than veteran’s flags), small items or ornaments placed on the ground or on the grave markers, ground cover such as marble, gravel, bark chips or mulch, any type of fencing, chairs or wooden benches. No glass containers, figurines, or other decorations are permitted.

Summer Decorations
One planter per grave space, filled with annual plants is permitted. It must be placed by the ends of the stone, not in the middle of the grave space. Planters that have not been used for a decorating season or those that have become unsightly will be removed.

It is recommended that the planters be taken in for the winter to prevent damage from freezing, or that all planter vegetation be removed after fall frost so that the cemetery will have a nice appearance during the winter months. Shepherd hooks may be used for floral decorations, limited to one per grave space. Artificial flowers in hanging baskets on shepherd hooks or in vases that are part of the monument are the only artificial decorations allowed during the summer decorating season. All others will be removed. No decorations are permitted on grave spaces during the mowing season that use wire, steel rods, pointed spikes, wooden pegs or legs such as wreaths, easels, or figurines on wire supports.

Holiday Decorations
Holiday themed decorations may remain on the grave for one month after said holiday. If you wish to keep these decorations, please remove them before then.

The only plantings permitted are annuals placed at the ends of the monuments. No trees, shrubs, or roses are permitted. Any exceptions must be approved by the Cemetery Board.

Removal of Decorations
The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove, without notice, any decorations that it deems to be unsightly, inappropriate, or a hazard to mowing crews.

Additional Information
Plots are currently available for purchase. Contact us for more info.